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Aindrias De Staic’s riveting story is about Cill Stuifin; a sunken island with a church where bells still toll underwater, that is said to rise out of Liscannor Bay from time to time.
Irish Times
In blending traditional fiddle-playing with his tall-tale storytelling, Aindrias de Staic Is clearly continuing a longstanding Irish tradition.
Chortle UK Comedy Guide
Exquisite, picaresque...Rarely has storytelling been so foot-tappingly funny.
London Theatre Guide

This is Aindrais

Aindrias de Staic cannot be pigeon-holed as a traditional Irish musician. He is hisown unique and authentic brand of Irish. An accomplished and acclaimed actor,writer, television presenter, and filmmaker, there is nothing status quo abouthim.
Wildly original, worldly, enthralling and slightly enigmatic, Aindrias is acaptivating and diverse performer who will leave audiences amused and confused,delighted and bewildered and creatively fueled with his explosive, infectiousenergy.
Drawing on the history and mystery of life in the West of Ireland andthrough his own kaleidoscope of honest life experiences and travels, Aindrias willtake his audience on an unforgettable journey to places they didn’t know theyneeded or wanted to go.